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  • Best Sizes for Travertine Driveway
    Best Sizes for Travertine Driveway

    Ever wondered why some driveways have a lot of cracks in them and others don’t? Well, when it comes to natural stone travertine driveways, size matters. Options in travertine for your driveway include 4x8, 6x12, 24x24 or the increasingly popular French...

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  • French Pattern Travertine
    French Pattern Travertine

    In the world of flooring there are many choices to choose from in type, quality, and style. Thestyleis what we will discuss here as we look at the one of the most popular styles on the planet right now in the French Pattern, Ashlar Pattern or the Four Piece ...

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  • What are the Differences Between Travertine and Marble?
    What are the Differences Between Travertine and Marble?

    Starting to design your house? Choosing the flooring is one of the most important decisions in the process of designing you home.You will be faced with the many flooring options. And having so much options to choose from can make your selection very difficul...

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  • Travertine Tiles for Indoor Use
    Travertine Tiles for Indoor Use

    If you started to research about redecorating your home you must have come across stone tiles. This beautiful option could be recommended by contractors or designers too. Travertine tiles give warm and welcoming atmosphere to the places that are used. Using ...

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  • How to Create Perfect Patios
    How to Create Perfect Patios

    Dinner under the stars is one of life’s simple pleasures, but creating a beautiful outdoor dining space doesn’t have to break the bank! With a few simple steps, you can transform your patio into a space fit for a feast. Plus, creating a little in...

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  • Travertine Tiles For Bathroom
    Travertine Tiles For Bathroom

    If you are looking for ideas for bathroom decoration, you are at the right place. If you are tired of the same look, it is time for a change! If you want to renovate your bathroom decor, you options are endless. You can do a complete renovation or you can ta...

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  • Is Travertine Durable?
    Is Travertine Durable?

    Travertine was widely used for exterior decorations. Then it became one of the most popular items for indoor flooring, not only for its beauty but also for its durability. Travertine can be used for many different purposes indoor and outdoor. It is a versati...

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  • The Bigger The Better
    The Bigger The Better

    The oversized square shape provides the perfect paver to create a patio that is modern and sophisticated while blending beautifully with the natural environment. It is ideal to use bigger stones like 24x24 our biggest size in Travertine in pool decks, patios...

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  • Finding a Qualified Contractor
    Finding a Qualified Contractor

    Common sense tips to find the right professional Ask Questions If you live in a gated community, you should contact the Architectural Review Board for their experiences and recommendations, as well as to understand the particular requirements they ma...

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  • Why Heat My Swimming Pool?
    Why Heat My Swimming Pool?

    A swimming pool is one of the largest investments you will make, and one you’ll want to enjoy all year. A heater extends your swimming season beyond the usual six to seven months each year. Heating your swimming pool gives you a higher return on your i...

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  • Designing Your Pool
    Designing Your Pool

    There are great pools and then there are awesome pools. Those that rise above the rest are usually designed with space proportion, use and view in mind. There’s nothing more relaxing than an afternoon by the pool with family and friends, especially whe...

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  • Renovating your Swimming Pool
    Renovating your Swimming Pool

    That favorite time of the year is around the corner! It’s time to get your pool ready for the summer. Are you tired of the same old brick pavers or concrete deck? Does your pool need a more modern and stylish look?Don’t’ worry, you still ha...

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  • Why choose Travertine for your Pool Deck
    Why choose Travertine for your Pool Deck

    Travertine is becoming the go to for building luxury pool decks. This new trend is due to the fact that Travertine is a natural stone with a great reputation for its durability since ancient times. In fact it was the primary material used to build the Colise...

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  • Where to use Split Face Mosaic?
    Where to use Split Face Mosaic?

    There are many ways you can use Split Face, especially to create a stylish textural feature that will add depth to any space.Split face Mosaic still remains a practical and desired finish option for exterior and interior projects. By incorporating Split Face...

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  • USA Marble New Redesign Website is now LIVE!
    USA Marble New Redesign Website is now LIVE!

    We have big news! After many months of hard work, we are proud to present the new and improved USA Marble website!Your experience is important to us. That’s the reason why we have created a website that has a clean, modern design that is easier to use ...

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