Best Sizes for Travertine Driveway

Best Sizes for Travertine Driveway

Ever wondered why some driveways have a lot of cracks in them and others don’t? Well, when it comes to natural stone travertine driveways, size matters. Options in travertine for your driveway include 4x8, 6x12, 24x24 or the increasingly popular French Pattern. When it comes to travertine driveways though the thing to keep in mind is: smaller is stronger. The basic explanation is one of PSI (pound-force per square inch) and how that is distributed across the travertine pavers that make up your shiny, new driveway. Now let us take this to the next level, according to the ASTM standards when we are looking at brick pavers we are looking at a PSI rating of around 2500. In comparison, travertine pavers average a higher rating of 7500 PSI. Talk about a huge difference! Travertine pavers are on average at least 3 times stronger than brick pavers!

I’m sold! Sign me up for travertine pavers! I really love the idea of 24x24 travertine pavers for my travertine driveway, let’s make it happen!” – Homeowner

While you can buy any size travertine pavers you would like at USA Marble for your driveway, the recommendation is to stick with the smaller sizes for this particular area of the home. Optimally, 4x8 or 6x12 travertine pavers make for a beautiful natural stone travertine driveway and allows for the PSI to be divided over many pieces of travertine pavers rather than one large piece. As an example, let us take a look at using 4x8 vs 24x24 for a standard driveway. In place of one 24x24, if you instead use 4x8’s you will use 18 pieces of 4x8 in that same spot. This then divides the weight of your vehicle over 18 pieces instead of one piece! All colors in travertine you can get in a 6x12 or 4x8 Paver. Travertine colors: Ivory, Walnut, Country Classic, Noche, Gold, Golden Rose, Da Vinci, Silver. Marble colors: Pearl, Tahoe, Sand Blast Pearl.

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