Finding a Qualified Contractor

Finding a Qualified Contractor

Common sense tips to find the right professional

Ask Questions
If you live in a gated community, you should contact the Architectural Review Board for their experiences and recommendations, as well as to understand the particular requirements they may have that you may be unaware of.  Sometimes you will need to take a few samples of the color and material you are planning to use in your house.

Check with your neighbors
If you see a pool company at work in the area, ask the homeowner about their experience and the timeliness of the project.  Start to finish should be about 6-8 weeks, not 4-6 months.

Experience Matters
Consider the years of experience of the contractor, and visit their offices. Are you comfortable with someone working out of their garage? Look at some of their completed jobs that are similar to yours.

Understand Payment
The draw schedule, warranty period and terms, follow up service and support if needed should be clarified. Also make sure that all costs are planned for like tree removal, landscape and irrigation repairs, electrician costs, dirt removal, clean-up, etc.

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