French Pattern Travertine

French Pattern Travertine

In the world of flooring there are many choices to choose from in type, quality, and style. The style is what we will discuss here as we look at the one of the most popular styles on the planet right now in the French Pattern, Ashlar Pattern or the Four Piece Pattern. The terms of French Pattern, Ashlar Pattern or the Four Piece Pattern are used interchangeably and are just regional ways of saying the same thing. We have to recognize the identifying qualities of French or Versailles Pattern set as being a single 16x24, a single 8x16, two pieces of 16x16, and two pieces of 8x8. The total square footage of one “set” is eight square feet. The layout as you will see from the image below begins to form its own beautiful style as they are interlaid onto the chosen area.

french pattern example

What makes the French Pattern so desirable is the ability to design a beautiful style regardless of the amount of space available. It’s obvious when one sees a pool deck designed with a French Pattern, what makes it so special and exotic. Natural stone suppliers, such as USA Marble have the French Pattern style available either in pallets of 25 set (two 8x8, one 8x16, two 16x16, and one 16x24 per set) or in their individual sizes. Your installer will know how much French Pattern will be needed to pave your home. Two sets are shown below in the layout that makes the basis of the French Pattern.

frencj pattern shape

Once your contractor orders your French Pattern pavers, it is either shipped to your home by a delivery truck or picked up by your installer. It is then delivered to your home and the installers will begin working on the process of preparing the ground to lay your flooring. USA Marble specializes in Natural Stone and is one of the leading national names in French Pattern sales in the industry.

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