Is Travertine Durable?

Is Travertine Durable?

Travertine was widely used for exterior decorations. Then it became one of the most popular items for indoor flooring, not only for its beauty but also for its durability. Travertine can be used for many different purposes indoor and outdoor. It is a versatile material and adapt to any place. Travertine is generally used for outdoor patios, driveway, walkways and pool decks. But there are many different places you can use travertine like on walls, flooring or stair and the list go on.

Well, let's get to the important questions. Is Travertine durable? The answer is yes! The durability of travertine comes from its chemical structure, deposited by mineral springs and hot springs. The porous structure of the stone is caused due to the calcium carbonate. Due to the porous structure of the stone, travertine has the ability to absorb water quickly. These holes are filled if you prefer for indoor usage. It’s really recommended for driveways and outdoor projects because of its durable structure.

The Coliseum - ITALY

This is an antique material that was used in Rome and Ancient Greece. Many famous buildings of Rome were built with this stone. Everyone knows the famous building “The Coliseum” in Rome. Coliseum was built with travertine rocks. It has managed to maintain the structure until today. Now you can have a better idea on the durability of travertine based on these famous structures which still stand to this day! Ephesus in Turkey is another proof of that. The oldest evidence is the Burghausen Castle in Germany which was built in the Bronze Age (founded before 1025). This beautiful structure has managed to survive to the present time with the help of its travertine stone structure. There are many example of historical building all around the World.

Ephesus - TURKEY

Great amount of travertine rocks are found in Italy, where it’s mostly used in Europe. It is a widely used piece of modern architecture today. The reason for preferring to use this natural stone is not only for its durability but also for its beauty. Travertine can easily be incorporated to your home decor and can be used in most areas in your house. There are many creative ideas and designs you can create with travertine. You do not have to limit yourself to a certain place. Travertine is the best way to make your home more beautiful throughout many years for you and your family to enjoy.

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