What are the Differences Between Travertine and Marble?

What are the Differences Between Travertine and Marble?

Starting to design your house? Choosing the flooring is one of the most important decisions in the process of designing you home.  You will be faced with the many flooring options. And having so much options to choose from can make your selection very difficult. We want to help you to decide. Let’s start with what is travertine, where you can use it and its properties.

Travertine is the member of the limestone rock family which is usually formed in caves and around hot springs.  Travertine has a porous structure, but these pores are filled for indoor use. This stone is mostly found in Europe and Middle East. One of the most important features is its durability. It is proper for indoor or outdoor usage. The advantage for using travertine for the outside is that absorbers water quickly, making it perfect to use it around the pool area. Due to been non-slippery, many people are using travertine Pavers for their outdoor projects such as driveways, entryway, walkway, pool decks, etc… If you want to bring the natural elements inside of your house we recommend you to use travertine & marble tiles. Not only it’s beautiful but it will create a peaceful ambiance.

Many people want to know the difference between travertine tiles and marble tiles before they decide on floorings. One of the differences is versatility. Travertine is a multipurpose stone, and can be used almost everywhere. It is proper for both indoor and outdoor. But marble is most recommended to be used indoor due to being slippery. Travertine is perfect for wet areas like pool patios. It absorbs water fairly quickly. This is one of the differences. Marble is smoother and has a solid surface than Travertine. Travertine has holes and it’s a pores stone unlikely marble. Marble tiles tend to be more expensive than travertine. If you have a larger area and you are on a budge than travertine is for you. You can buy travertine tiles for half price than marble.

Travertine & marble tiles bring harmony from nature to your home.  It’s a great way to decorate your home.  Marble tiles are classical choices and decor options are endless. If you want to do a complete renovation you should definitely try travertine or marble floors. There are many ways and places where you can incorporate travertine for indoor designs such as flooring, wall coating, stairs, bathroom design and many other creative ideas. Visit our web sites to get more ideas and see different sizes and colors of travertine tiles.

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