Why choose Travertine for your Pool Deck

Why choose Travertine for your Pool Deck

Travertine is becoming the go to for building luxury pool decks. This new trend is due to the fact that Travertine is a natural stone with a great reputation for its durability since ancient times.  In fact it was the primary material used to build the Coliseum in Rome which still stands to this day.

Today Travertine is the number one choice among homeowners, builders, architects and designers.  Not only for its beauty, durability and heat resistant but the most important for having a non-slip surface.

Travertine pavers look very classy and with its distinctive vivid colors it gives you a variety of options and styles to go alongside your pool deck.  Over the years Brick pavers and other man made pavers will fade on the contrary Travertive pavers will not.

Adding Natural Stone in your pool deck will increase the value of the house giving you a great chance for a return on your investment.  Another significant advance is the durability. The stone will endure throughout the years.

 Additional advantage for choosing Travertine for your pool deck is that is easy to maintain and smooth on the feet, it naturally absorbs water for a non-slip surface. Travertine is famous for not getting too hot which is perfect for those hot summer days at the pool.

So what’s not to love about Travertine for your pool? Throughout the years that beautiful stone will be the witness of joyful times by your gorgeous pool deck.

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