Why Heat My Swimming Pool?

Why Heat My Swimming Pool?

A swimming pool is one of the largest investments you will make, and one you’ll want to enjoy all year. A heater extends your swimming season beyond the usual six to seven months each year. Heating your swimming pool gives you a higher return on your investment simply by allowing you to swim more often.

Comfortable Swimming Season
By heating your pool, you can enjoy a more comfortable swim season and maintain a constant, enjoyable water temperature.  A heated swimming pool increases recreational time and brings family and friends together for relaxation and enjoyment all year long.

Health Benefits
An extended swimming season translates to more swimming, which means more cardiovascular exercise without excessive stress on your joints. Swimming is particularly beneficial to elderly people who cannot run or jog, and to people who suffer from arthritis and muscular diseases.

Additionally, a heated pool prevents chilling due to excessive body heat loss. Young children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to respiratory infections due to repeated chilling.

Heat and Cool with one source
Some air-source heat pumps can be used to both heat and cool your swimming pool. These heat pumps are referred to as reverse-cycle heat pumps, or chillers. As its name suggests, a reverse-cycle heat pump cools your swimming pool by reversing its refrigeration cycle. By heating your swimming pool during winter months and cooling your swimming pool during summer months, a reverse-cycle heat pump ensures that your swimming pool maintains comfortable swimming temperatures year round.

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